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Interview With Giff Constable, Managing Director At Neo

The seeds for this interview were planted when Giff Constable, a Managing Director at Neo NYC and a co-organizer of the Lean Startup meetup in New York, witnessed a heated online discussion I have had with UX practitioners. We argued about working with startups and why I thought a startup does not need a UX person. Giff took my side and we agreed we should meet and talk. The result of this pact is in front of you.

Giff and I discussed why some UX practitioners think startups are impossible to work with because “they know everything”. We brainstormed on how entrepreneurs might change their ways and obsess about problems, not solutions, first. We talked about how Customer Development can be done in much better ways by founders. We even talked about how the UX community can think more holistically across problem, solution, business model, and customer acquisition.

We ended up discussing the one question that started it all, “When should a startup hire their first UX person?”

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