1. Austin Knight

    Very interesting. More than anything, I think it’s important to provide both options. Removing the login / signup process altogether is intriguing though and I imagine the implementation would vary from company to company. But it’s a step in the right direction (even outside of the ecommerce world).

  2. AnonTechie

    Disagree with the being specific about which part of the login credentials is wrong. It is considered a security risk and especially if you are handling payments, regulations require you to do it this way.

  3. Factuur Maken

    I agree that the ability to login with social media accounts is important – the process of filling in forms with personal data becomes tedious after you’ve done it so many a time. And auto-fill options never really work perfectly since not all forms are alike. So being able to log in through your social media account is a great opportunity, and it would definitely help with those costumers who just want to buy-and-run as fast as possible without going through the process of filling out a form.
    However, there do exist these rare persons who do not own any social media account, therefore removing the conventional login method is not viable. It would force everybody into creating a social media account.

  4. Bhaben Deka

    In my opinion using both social login and traditional login will be a good option.By doing this we are giving the user choices he could make.But social login do have many advantages like providing us with valuable user profile data, social analytic etc. About the pitfall of social login you have mentioned, i would say that it will be a rare case and if that is the issue then we should provide social login through many social networking sites not only through one or few. That way dependency will be reduced and also users will be happy to choose from many options they are provided with. There are many social login solution providers one of which is LoginRadius and i found them providing social login for 30+ social networking sites.

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