Voyages SNCF Optimizes Their Website with Usabilla
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Voyages SNCF Optimizes Their Website with Usabilla

on / by Robyn Collinge

Here at Usabilla, we love a good success story. That’s why we were pretty excited when Voyages SNCF, the official European distribution channel for the French railways, shared their ongoing positive experience with our user feedback solution on their #OpenVSC blog.

The article explains how the Voyages SNCF website is continuously evolving as a direct result of the feedback the company has received through their Usabilla channels. Originally written in French by Fanny Gruffy, Customer Experience Manager at Voyages SNCF, you can read the translated article in full below.

Read SNCF’s Testimonial:

“Our website is evolving and it’s thanks to your feedback!”

We are continuing to update our website and it’s largely due to your feedback. Instead of guessing what you want, we are listening to your needs by giving you the opportunity to share your thoughts with us directly!

You might have noticed the small, pink “Votre avis?” button on the right-hand side of certain pages on our website. But, what is it for? Well, this button allows you to share your advice, suggestions, or ideas via a specific channel. The feedback we receive then helps us to optimize our website, in order to give you the best navigation experience possible.

“So, how does it work?”

1. When clicking on the button, you can either give general or ‘generic’ feedback about the webpage as a whole, or focus on one specific element (i.e. which you find problematic).
2. You can then choose a mood rating that corresponds to your feelings and leave a comment to share your experience. You can report bugs, suggestions for improvement, and more.
3. We then compile and analyze all your feedback items on our side, prioritizing future developments accordingly. Your thoughts and ideas help us to continuously optimize our website in order to improve your experience! So, don’t be shy, share them with us!


Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 16.46.20

“A really positive first report”

Since July 2015, we’ve been gradually redesigning our website. Collaborating with Usabilla, we have installed a feedback button on the following pages:
– The homepage
– The results page
– The pricing calendar
– The loyalty cards program
– The ‘My Journey’ login environment

So far, more than 46.000 of you have shared your feedback with us. Thanks to your suggestions, we have already made over thirty changes to our website and the rest is yet to come!

The following are some concrete examples of improvements already implemented thanks to your feedback.

“The homepage”

Between June and August 2015, we had over 300,000 visitors who left a total of 18,000 feedback items. This meant we could implement improvements directly based on your suggestions:

  • Comment from a user: “It’s really complicated to only book a one-way ticket”
    To make your searches easier, we’ve added the possibility to simply choose between one-way and return tickets directly in the search panel.



  • Comment from a user: “When I am logged-in to my client account, some personal information is inconsistent”
    We have been working on some issues in the login environment. Now, when you are logged-in, personal information is taken into consideration when performing ticket searches.



“The results page”

  • Results from the day before or after the specified search date were not always clearly identifiable, so we changed the style of separation between dates to improve visibility.



“The ‘My Journey’ page”

  • We have improved the e-ticket tracking on mobile devices, displaying your carriage and seat numbers and providing the option to download a PDF of your ticket directly to your mobile.



“A gradual process”

So many of you have already shared your thoughts and suggestions, and since we value them so much, we’ll continue to employ the Usabilla solution across more and more pages. So, stay tuned!

If you’re interested in how implementing a user feedback solution can help you write your own success story, don’t hesitate to get in touch or schedule a personal Usabilla demo.

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