Usabilla UX Tweet Scoop – Week 8 of 2012
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Usabilla UX Tweet Scoop – Week 8 of 2012

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Best links this week:

  • Mark Boulton doesn’t like that content is being siloed up when talking about design. We are passed the “brochureware, templated web” and should “focus on structure to begin with, and think about content all the time”. He pleads for a new credo: Structure first, content always.

  • Matt Conway thinks that Wireframes must die.

  • And again, more Brett Victor. We just can’t help it! Here is a recent talk on Inventing on Principle. The point of the talk is an ethical call to engineers. But along the way he also shows a working prototype of a highly interactive code-editor that gives realtime feedback. Do yourselves a favor, and watch the whole talk.

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