Usabilla UX Tweet Scoop – Week 4 of 2012
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Usabilla UX Tweet Scoop – Week 4 of 2012

on / by Jurian Baas

Time again for the best articles we have read last week!

Cameron Koczon shares an eloquent view on how we live in an important time for design. Designers used to only do client-work, which makes it hard for people to see design as something else than a commodity. This is changing with the focus on design by startups. This renewed focus on design gives a lot of opportunity, but also presents a challenge: how do you let design flourish in organization that doesn’t really understand it as a craft, and how can a design team be seen as a partner, rather than a service provider?

User stories in agile development often get very big. Jean Paul Grosjean gives us 10 strategoies to split large user stories.

Golden Krishna of design and strategy firm Cooper fired of a rant about error messages that resonated with a lot of people. He has enough of cutesy animals and smiley faces telling him something has gone awfully wrong. A related article from a while ago is the evolution of fail pets in UX Magazine, which gives a more balanced look into error messages. Both highly entertaining and informative articles.

Designing for iOS has it’s own limitations, trends and best practices. The slidedeck Sensational iOS App Design, given by Evan Kirchhoff, gives a good overview of some basic principles of good interface design, illustrated from the evolution of a lot of UI trends. A post on Ash Furrow’s personal blog on how to design iOS apps gives a personal view on when to choose for Apple’s own UI elements, and when to choose your own.

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