Usabilla UX Tweet Scoop – Week 3 of 2012
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Usabilla UX Tweet Scoop – Week 3 of 2012

on / by Jurian Baas

First up, Jamie Davidson has a nice post for beginning designers. His Resources to Hack Design is a basic but complete list of tutorials, inspiration, and other tips. Might be too basic for you, but can come in handy for friends who are taking their first steps in design.

Microsoft has put up a showcase of their implementation of OpenType on the web. It does not work in every modern browser yet (no Chrome or Opera), but it looks very promising on browsers that do work. It’s about time that the web supports kerning, ligatures, alternates, and other advanced type features.

The blog FunctionSource describes the way Square asks for credit card information in its iPhone app. The flow looks better, is faster and less error prone than ‘standard’ credit card input forms. This kind of interface improvements are so good they can become a new UX pattern.

Nathanael Boehm wrote an excellent post about measuring the productivity of creative workers. He thinks it’s an important task that’s often being carried out the wrong way, and explains how to do it the right way.

That’s it for this week! Remember to send in great articles like these, via Twitter, the comment box, or any other way you can get a hold of us.

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