Usabilla UX Tweet Scoop – Week 14 of 2012
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Usabilla UX Tweet Scoop – Week 14 of 2012

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Paul Boag (@boagworld) on selecting fonts in Photoshop with Font Picker

Justin Mifsud (@justinmifsud) from Usability Geek with an excellent and lenghty piece on beautiful navigation in portfolio websites (on Smashing Magazine)

Also on Smashing Magazine: Aarron Walter (@aarron) with a sample chapter called Redesigning with Personality from the upcoming printed Smashing Book #3. We really were a fan of Aarron latest book Designing for Emotion, so we’re curious about this one!

Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror) hopes pagination on websites will end and explains why

Sascha Greif (@sachagreif) wonders why startups can’t find designers on The Next Web

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