Upgrade your plan & create PDF reports

Upgrade your plan & create PDF reports

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We’re very happy to announce that we’ve just launched our first ‘official’ public release. We’ve renewed our homepage, launched paid plans, and offer PDF reports for all your test results. Log in to your account to try the new reports and other new features.
With the help of our beta testers we have been able to build a useful tool to collect feedback on webpages, mockups, sketches, and other images. In the past months Usabilla has proven its use in a large number of different cases. More then 2500 usability experts, web designers, online marketeers and other web professionals are using Usabilla to conduct remote usability tests and collect feedback.

Check out your new PDF reports

You can now export your test results as a PDF report. Create and customize your reports in our analysis tool. You can also use the new ‘Save as PNG’ feature to save parts of your visualizations and use these in your own reports or publish them online. Log in to your account and analyze one of your tests to see these new features.

Upgrade your account

During our beta period we have been offering beta accounts to test our service. We will continue to offer free accounts, which will be limited to 5 pages and 25 participants. You can upgrade your free account to one of the following plans: Small ($49), Standard ($199), and Large ($950).

  • Small – 10 pages – $49 / year – 250 participants – Upgrade
  • Standard – 50 pages – $199 / year – 250 participants – Upgrade
  • Large – 250 pages – $950 / year – 500 participants – Upgrade

We use PayPal to securely proces your payments and we don’t use automatic recurring payments, you simply renew your plan after a year if you want to continue to use our service. Please contact us for more information about upgrading your account or our custom plans.

Create a test in 4 minutes

Take a look at our new screencast to learn more about creating and analyzing a test. In just 4 minutes we’ll explain how to create an Usabilla test and analyze your results. Sit back, relax, and watch the movie:

Usabilla – Hassle free usability testing from Paul Veugen on Vimeo.

Questions or feedback?

Please let us know if you got any questions about our service. Send us a mail (support@usabilla.com) or contact us on Gtalk (support@usabilla.com) for help or if you want to discuss a test.


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Paul Veugen

Founder / CEO @ Usabilla User Experience designer, entrepreneur and metrics junky.

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