Upgrade: New monthly accounts

Upgrade: New monthly accounts

on / by Paul Veugen

Today we’ve made an important change to our accounts. We’ve switched from yearly plans to flexible monthly plans. We’re very happy to have you as a customer, so we’ll be doing our very best to make this switch a valuable upgrade for all of our current customers.

Our new plans

We’re switching from yearly accounts to monthly plans. New clients can now upgrade and downgrade their account at any time. Also, accounts are no longer restricted to a limited number of pages. Instead you can setup one or more tests simultaneously. Once you’ve hit your limit of active tests and deactivate a test, you can start a new one. As often as you like.


Questions? Feedback?

We’ve automatically migrated our current accounts to the new plans. We carefully planned this migration and manually checked the upgraded accounts. We might have missed something or may be you’re not happy with this change at all… If this is the case, please let us know. I’m sure we can help you.

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Paul Veugen

Founder / CEO @ Usabilla User Experience designer, entrepreneur and metrics junky.

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