1. Jan

    Nice post!

    In my opinion ‘PostNL’ is a weird name, but I couldn’t think of anything better. The logo is nice thought. I will probably won’t be their last name and logo. I’m betting they’re going to be acquiered by a great optimist before they die in a lack of relevance…

    Two Little typo’s:
    1. under the Wile E. image. You wrote: ‘PPT Post’, this should be ‘PTT Post’. Besides that, great post.
    2. Above the photofinish-image. You wrote (51% against 49$)’. should be 49% i guess..

  2. Jan

    typo: I mean ‘It probably won’t be’…

  3. Loucas Papantoniou

    Hey Jan,

    Thanks a lot for your kind comment and the small corrections. It seems a little typo Demon lives in my keyboard :)

    Have a nice day,

  4. Vera

    Nice little study.
    I like the new logo as compared to old one better, it’s indeed more modern.
    To me, the new name is an improvement it 1)does its job of emphasizing the dutch origin of the brand and 2)it coincides with the web address of PostNL (www.post.nl) so that’s a plus I think

    But I, too (as a foreigner living in the Netherlands)will miss the comical TNT Post logo on the mailboxes that has greeted my on my way to Uni nearly everyday…

  5. Loucas Papantoniou

    Hi Vera!

    Thanks a lot for your reaction. It’s nice to hear different opinions :)

    It’s true that the logo coincides with the web address. Good point!


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