Tip: How to make your test go viral
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Tip: How to make your test go viral

on / by Loucas Papantoniou

You created a Usabilla test, and you want to get as many participants as possible. Here is a tip that will help you create a default twitter message that your participants can spread. In this way you’ll encode your tweet into a URL that you can embed to the “Redirect URL” in your Test.*

Redirect users to a default twitter message you created


Step 1: Make the “Invite Participants” URL twitter-friendly by shortening it.
There are number of services out there. Our favorite is bit.ly

Copy the “Invite participants” URL,

and paste it to bit.ly to shorten it.


Step 2: Type your message into a URL Encoder/Decoder.
Don’t forget to include the short URL you created in Step 1.


Step 3: Add the encoded URL from Step 2, after http://twitter.com/?status=

and press enter. Voila!


*Alternatively, you can embed the URL in your thank-you page and ignore the Redirect URL.


You want to see how it works in action? Participate in this short test.

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