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How To Design Effective Navigation Menus

Navigation menus are the key to finding what we are looking for on a website. Without a navigation menu that meets our expectations, a website will most likely not be effective. A website that is not effective will most likely not be successful. There are many different kind of websites that range from simple to extremely complex. In any case, a good design should focus on the users and their goals: Finding certain information as quickly as possible.

By glossing over a few examples I discovered, I will go over best practices that help you nail your navigation menu.

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Screen-shot-2012-03-14-at-3.13.24-PM Design

Designing Effective Social Media Buttons

Social media marketing has become quite popular. I believe there are two main reasons why. First, because the Web 2.0 offers increasing possibilities for this new marketing strategy, and second, because social media is easily and for everyone accessible through modern mobile devices. Besides, I think people rely on social media marketing simply because it is popular and somehow seems to suit our constant connected existence of the 21st century.

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Best of Usabilla 2011: A Roundup of Our Favorite Posts Theory

Best of Usabilla 2011: A Roundup of Our Favorite Posts

What a year it was! While working on some very cool stuff we have to show you in 2012, we also have some time for introspection. Hereby an overview of our favorite articles. We had a lot of fun making the blog what it is now, and are eager to keep at it in the new year. Thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned for a lot more!
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How Good Is the UX of Mobile Newspaper Pages?

I believe that the user experience of mobile newspaper websites can be greatly improved. Armed with feedback from a small remote user test of the mobile pages of two big newspapers, I want to explain why I think these sites fail in some key area’s, and make some suggestions for improvement.

The USA Today and the Washington Post are both among the biggest newspapers in the United States. They differ in their tone of voice, but together they form a very rough average of the mobile newspaper sites available.

I’ll look at the user experience of these sites by discussing two use case scenario’s, and afterwards explain how these sites can be improved by less clutter, better typography, and a stronger visual hierarchy.

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Perfectly worded hyperlinks equals better usability and conversion Demo UX Cases

Perfectly worded hyperlinks equals better usability and conversion

A little while ago I devoted myself to the wording of hyperlinks. I set up a case study in order to find out if wording influences our users’ action, success rates, and their perception of our website. We tested three versions of the ‘About NESCAFÉ’ page, with generic, informative, and intriguing wording. Results show that generic and informative wording increased the chance of finding information, while the intriguing wording was more catchy and appealing.

Figure 1 - Informative version, interesting elements

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The perfect hyperlink: choose your words carefully Demo UX Cases

The perfect hyperlink: choose your words carefully

People often don’t read webpages, but scan them. Good experience designers know this and take good care to provide the user with a clean headline and a prominent call to action. Great experience designers go a step further and adjust their copywriting and links to aid in the scanning. By striking a balance between informative and intriguing wording, people will be enticed to keep reading or explore the rest of the site. Some people will even do both!

Figure 1 - Subject of study - Nescafé

We wanted to test this for ourselves. How will users react to different worded hyperlinks in an otherwise identical website? Have a look at the remote test we have set up.

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