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8 Guidelines For Better Readability On The Web

While multimedia is becoming increasingly popular on the Web, there is no way around classic text to effectively communicate with your visitors. I admit, the Internet has been around for awhile now and you might think: “Text, don’t we all know by know how to handle it?” And I agree, we’ve had enough time to internalize the basics about written web content. For some reason, however, there are plenty of sites that still struggle with their text presentation.

A while back we looked at how to write successful web content and we gained insights into how to make content targeted, attractive, and effective. Now, let’s zoom in closer and look at how you can make sure that your content is readable. Did you know that reading online is 25 percent slower than reading from printed material? According to a study by Nielsen, your visitors read only between 20 and 28 percent of the words on your site.
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10 Useful Tips For Writing Better Web Content

Marketing has many different facets, but at the end of the day it all comes down to one thing: Define your target group, find out where to reach them and come up with something that gets their attention.

The same applies for content marketing. A lot of companies, especially those with limited budget, choose to attract visitors and potential customers by building a community around their brand or product. Quality content is traded with the favor of sharing and spreading the word among peers, attracting a steadily growing audience.

Writing successful and targeted web content isn’t rocket science, but it requires some feeling for language, a handful of practical tips, and lots of practice. Based on my experiences as writer and content marketer, I’d like to share with you 10 useful tips for writing better web content.
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