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Set up a simple A/B/n test in just a blink Announcements

Set up a simple A/B/n test in just a blink

The standard Usabilla widget is a useful tool to invite your visitors to participate in one of your tests. Thanks to the kind tip of one of our users you can now also use a new widget to set up a quick A/B/n test in Usabilla! Use this widget to invite your users to participate in a random test out of two or more of your Usabilla tests. You just specify which tests to use and every time the widget pops up, we randomly select one of these tests. With this simple widget you can set up a A/B/n Usabilla test for any webpage, image, or sketch in just a few minutes.

Usabilla widget for A/B/n tests

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Using Usabilla for simple A/B testing Demo UX Cases

Using Usabilla for simple A/B testing

A/B testing is a popular method to optimize conversion on a website. Basically you set up two or more variants, measure the differences in conversion rates between these variants, and select a winner based on your test results. The winning variant is the one with the highest conversion rates. A/B testing is a great way to improve your webpages one step a time. Unfortunately implementing tests is not always as simple as it sounds, even if you use for example the nifty interface of Google Website Optimizer. To set up a test, you need to have access to the source code and someone who’s able to adapt it, a live website with visitors or a working prototype, etc.. We’ll show you an example of how Usabilla’s One-Click-Tasks can be used as an interesting and low-budget alternative for A/B testing.

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