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2013_06_04_featured Demo UX Cases

Flat Web Design Is Here To Stay

Lately, there has been a big discussion going on about flat web design. Some think it’s just a trend. Others believe it will change the way we design for the web forever.

We tested the homepages of four different websites with a flat design to find out what people really think! In a visual Usabilla Survey, we asked a mixed group of web professionals for their opinion about flat web design. In total, we gathered 2624 feedback points and 638 notes from 100 professionals. The results are clear. Flat web design is here to stay. (Download the full report as PDF.)
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2013_01_emotional_case_study_featured Demo UX Cases

UX Demo Case: The Effects Of Emotional Design

Emotional design becomes increasingly important on the web. More and more companies try to add a personal touch to their site to express personality, engage visitors and illustrate their content. Out of curiosity, we set up a quick visual survey with Usabilla to find out what effects emotional design elements really have on your visitors.
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