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usabilia-blog-context Theory

User Experience: Feedback & The Case For Context

Many times throughout my career, I’ve worked on projects and then … I see that email.

It normally goes like this, someone (who doesn’t know user experience) has gone off and done their own user research and has a new fantastic idea. Normally, this is in the form of a critique or a feature request. And more often than not, it comes from someone who is not the actual intended user of the product or service!
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2012_usabilla_survey_featured How-tos

How to Set Up A Usabilla Survey

With Usabilla you can collect feedback on any digital interface, be it the scan of a sketch, a wireframe, mockup, or webpage. Just set up a test, invite participants, and analyze your results. Check out the video below to see how you can create a test in no time, or read on and we will guide you through setting up a test with Usabilla step-by-step.

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