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A Smashing Redesign

Given that we love everything UX and design related, it must come as no surprise we are big fan of Smashing Magazine. Their choice of subjects is always spot on, and their articles show an impressive amount of attention to detail. They recently had their site redesigned, and the result is a beautiful, spacious site, designed from the typography out.

I took a closer look at the new design and I’d like to discuss some of the findings with you. I will not speak only based on my own observations however: I set up a Usabilla design feedback test among 30-some of our loyal followers.1 They pointed out which elements they like on the homepage and which they would like to improve, and elaborated on both tasks by leaving notes. In total, I got 220 notes placed on an image of the new Smashing Magazine homepage.

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Best of Usabilla 2011: A Roundup of Our Favorite Posts Theory

Best of Usabilla 2011: A Roundup of Our Favorite Posts

What a year it was! While working on some very cool stuff we have to show you in 2012, we also have some time for introspection. Hereby an overview of our favorite articles. We had a lot of fun making the blog what it is now, and are eager to keep at it in the new year. Thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned for a lot more!
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