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Combine a Usabilla test with an external survey How-tos

Combine a Usabilla test with an external survey

Usabilla offers quick visual feedback, but in some cases you might want to collect additional feedback from your participants or just some demographic data by conducting a traditional survey. There are plenty of wonderful survey tools out there that make your life easier (e.g SurveyGizmo, Wufoo, Polldady), and now we’ve released a new feature that allows you to seamlessly combine a Usabilla test with one of these tools.>

To introduce the feature we’ve created a demo case. Lets assume that a university wants to know what its students think of the faculty’s homepage (universities love surveys!). So, they create a Usabilla test to get specific feedback on the homepage and a SurveyGizmo survey  to get more generic feedback including some demographics of the users.

How to combine the two surveys in one?
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Add a survey to your test How-tos

Add a survey to your test

In some cases it can be useful to add a survey to your test. Using a survey allows you to collect quantitative information from your participants. This information can be an interesting addition for the analysis of your test results. For example, you might want to know the average age or the ratio of male and female participating in your test.

Embed a form or use the Redirect URL

You can embed surveys in your test with an iframe in the ‘Thank You’ page or simply redirect your users to the URL of your survey. If you redirect your users to an external form, we’ll add a variable ‘?ub_pid=#######’ to the redirect URL. This variable is the id of your participant, which can also be found in our data exports (‘subject’ in the XML, CSV, TXT files).

You can use any external survey tool you like. In this post you’ll find an example of how to embed a Wufoo form and use an external PollDaddy form in combination with your Usabilla test.

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