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Use Gestalt Laws to improve your UX (Part 1) Design

Use Gestalt Laws to improve your UX (Part 1)

An overall good user experience is an essential aspect for creating a successful website. The term user experience seems to be a popular trend lately, but how can we describe user experience and how can we make sure to offer enough of it on our websites?

To keep it simple, user experience describes how users perceive a website, what kind of emotions they have when visiting a website, and whether or not they are motivated to return. This subjective experience is in a large part based on the visual appearance of a website.

Of course web design is its own field of expertise and one could claim that only experienced designers are capable of designing a good website and therefore provide the basis for high user experiences. There are some basic principles, though, that help not just professionals to design an appealing website – the so called ‘Gestalt Laws’.

Figure 1 - Law of Similarity (http://sensingarchitecture.com/tag/gestalt-principles/)

Figure 1 - Law of Similarity (http://sensingarchitecture.com/tag/gestalt-principles/)

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