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Idiot Buttons: The Placebo in UX Design

Users love control. Even in an automated world, our user wants to control the machine. To know that it is under their bidding, and to know it is serving their needs.

Yet, in an age of ever more intuitive interfaces, control is slipping out of the user’s hands. Reduced inputs leave our user only a bystander.

The placebo prevents this. The placebo places control back into our users hands. Yet, the placebo does nothing.
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The Future of Customer Interaction Tools Design

The Future of Customer Interaction Tools

Because we offer Software as a Service, we need to keep clients happy month after month. A renewed membership is just as important to us as spreading the gospel of easy design feedback to people who haven’t heard of us. If we want our customers to love our service, we have to focus on the UX of long-term relationships. This is what we want to achieve, interaction by interaction:
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Why We Need Better Tools to Tell Stories With

Once in a while, I come across an immersive, beautiful piece of interactive storytelling in my browser. It uses the capabilities of the Internet to create an experience that cannot be created on any other medium.

But I don’t see them often. They’re mostly called an experiment. Interactive stories are being passed on to me by enthusiastic nerds who say that it ‘demonstrates so well what technology X is capable off’, without much attention for the story itself.

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