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How Individual Learning Styles Improve The User Experience

Every website has a certain purpose, be it to inform people, create a community, or sell stuff. At the same time, people who visit a website have a certain goal. This sounds pretty straightforward, right? Now consider the diversity of people that come to your site and you will see that things are a little more complex. In order to reach your own goals and at the same time help your visitors reach theirs, you need to carefully think through how you present the content on your website.

I found this very nice quote by Forgus that sais: “Perception is an active process of locating and extracting information from the environment and learning is the process of acquiring information through experience and storing information. Thinking is the manipulation of information to solve problems. The easier it is to extract information (perceive) the easier our thinking process becomes.”

Basically this quote tells us that we are responsible of whether or not people care for the information we offer on our site and at the same time if they can handle it. We have the obligation to make information as easy to access and as intuitive to perceive as possible. The way we present our content defines if and how many people can solve their goals.

In this article I’d like to guide you through different learning styles and explain how thinking like a teacher can help you create a better user experience.
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