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The Best UX Articles of April 2015

We’re a third of the way through the year already; a year that seemed to have only started yesterday. In hindsight, that’s rather depressing thought… lets take our mind elsewhere and into the amazing world of UX!

With so much quality content out there, we take one more look back at April 2015. We’ve compiled the 5 best articles from April we feel are interesting, invaluable or otherwise a must read for anyone with an interest in UX.
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Blaming the User How-tos

How to: Error Messages

Error messages. You encounter them just about every day. No single person is perfect, nor is every website. Error messages are an inevitability. Thus learning to both deal with them, and make them a seamless part of your user experience is key.

Errors are a key component of learning, it is through trial and error as children that we learn how the world works. It is continuous – we all make mistakes and we learn from them. Regardless, this doesn’t detract from the frustration of being met by the red banded text. Glaring in your face like a matador’s cape, as your face blends to a similar tone of maroon – all because, ‘the computer says no’.
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