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Feature Update: 5 Exciting Features for Usabilla Live

Greetings everyone. Our first feature update for a while, and it’s an exciting one.You’ve requested new features and we’ve delivered.

With two new developers hired in the past month or so (welcome George and Imre), our developers have been working more furiously than ever behind the scenes. Only now can we reveal our first bunch of exciting new features. I say first bunch because, believe me, there are many more exciting things to come in the next couple of months!
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The Paradox Of Technology And 5 Ways To Avoid It Design

The Paradox Of Technology And 5 Ways To Avoid It

Does our life become easier with every new invention on the market? I don’t think so. New technology presents us with great possibilities and limitations at the same time. Let’s have a look at this quote:

  • The same technology that simplifies life by providing more functions in each device also complicates life by making the device harder to learn, harder to use. This is the paradox of technology.

— Donald Norman, The Design of Everyday Things (1988)

What Norman said about technology in 1988 is still valid today. Our economy, educational system and our social interactions have changed dramatically with available technologies. In order to stay competitive, products become more and more ingenious, their features adding up. The idea is to make our lives easier. But does it work?

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Re-order your test pages Announcements

Re-order your test pages

Designing your tests just got a bit easier: you can re-arrange pages in the Test detail tab now. Just click the Move up ↑ or Move down ↓ buttons at the top right corner of every page-section of your test. Here, take a look:

Move your testpages up and down in the test details tab

Shuffle your testpages around in the test details tab

We hope you enjoy this improvement, and as always we appreciate any and all feedback. Feel free to leave a comment below or tweet us any suggestions or questions at @usabilla.

Customize your tests, tasks and even more fun Announcements

Customize your tests, tasks and even more fun

A few moments ago we released a major update of Usabilla. We know for sure this new release will make usability testing with Usabilla even more easier for both you and your participants. We’ve improved the usability of our test interface and added some interesting new features to extend your testing possibilities.

A short overview of the most important new features in this release:

Easier feedback with an improved test interface

We’ve simplified the test interface for your participants. We’re sure the new interface makes it even easier to participate in a test and share feedback. We removed unnecessary clutter from the toolbar and combined points and notes. Users can simply add a point to answer your questions and attach a note to this point if they want to share some additional comments. Usabilla tests currently got an average conversion rate of more than 30 percent. With these new improvements we hope to improve the conversion of your tests even more.

Test interface: Add a note

Help participants by providing additional context per task

You can now add a short introduction for each task. This short intro can be used to provide some additional context for your participants.

Some examples:

  • You want to book a trip to Amsterdam in October. You’re searching for a hotel in the price range of 80 to 100 dollar. Where would you click to search a hotel?
  • We would love to know what you think of our new homepage. Please let us know what your think of this page. Click on the screen to add a note.

Give users some additional info for each task

Customize your introduction and thank-you page

Your tests need a clear introduction. You can now improve a test by customizing the introduction. You can use basic HTML for markup and some simple tags to automatically include page thumbnails, the number of tasks, etc. The Thank-You page can also be customized. This page is shown after a participant finished a test. You can use the page to thank your participants for their input or to point them to pages or forms.

Test interface: Add a note

Combine one-click-tasks and standard tasks in one test

A few weeks ago we launched ‘One-Click-Tests’. A one click tests is very simple test, where users can only use one point to answer a question. You can use this method for example to test first impressions or to measure the time it takes to accomplish a certain task. You can now combine one-click-tasks and standard tasks in one test. You can define for each task if it’s a standard or a one-click-task.

Add an introduction per task

Improved results and task timers

We gave the results page a small facelift. The layout of the page changed a bit and we added some new features to analyze your test results. You can use our selector to select a specific area of your page and check the stats for that area (how many users clicked in a specific area?). We now also track time per task. This helps you to compare different tasks and pages.

Test interface: Add a note

Upgrade your plan

We’re going to launch paid plans in the near future. We’ll offer different plans, varying in price between $49 and $950 per year.

You can continue to use Usabilla for free, but your reports will be limited to 25 participants per test.

Share interesting cases

Please let us know if you need any help with a test case or want to share your findings. We would love to learn from your questions and usability challenges.

Contact us by mail (info@usabilla.com), via Twitter (@usabilla) or leave message at our customer support page at GetSatisfaction (http://getsatisfaction.com/usabilla).

Improving the flow Announcements

Improving the flow

Since the launch of our first release about one month ago we spend a lot of our time on killing bugs and fixing small glitches. Most bugfixes have been silently released in the past weeks. Fortunately we have been working on the development of some interesting new features, which will be launched in about two weeks. Expect a better flow in our backend, some small improvements to guide the participants of your test and a widget to easily promote your test on your website.

Some changes in the backend
We’ve created some new designs to guide our users a bit more in creating their tests. A test contains one or more pages, which contain one or more tasks (questions). To start collecting feedback a user has to create a test, select one or more pages and add tasks for each page.  When a user adds a new page, we will automatically add some sample tasks. In the current situation the relation between a test and its pages is not entirely clear. With this new design we hope to create an improved overview of your test and better illustrate the relationship between a test, the pages of a test and the tasks for each page.

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