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Profit Centered Design vs User Centered Design

A month ago, Facebook revealed another redesign. Just as we’d gotten used to their last iteration, in came a fresh new look. Though fresh is perhaps the wrong choice of term. The news feed redesign initially took many aback, holding a somewhat retro feel. Current trends all point towards flat and minimalism. Facebook had done the opposite.

Out of a cacophony of outcries – a standard reaction to any Facebook change – came one interesting article from Dustin Curtis. His article claimed Facebook had originally planned to move towards the generic flat design. However, decreased ad impressions in this new – beautiful – design had led to a design reversal. A reversal towards something more ‘practical’.
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Conversation Is the End Goal: an Interview With Eric Fisher Design

Conversation Is the End Goal: an Interview With Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher is a storyteller turned product architect. He was the Social Design Evangelist at Facebook where he wrote the guidelines on Social Design. Eric has also worked as a designer at both Google and Apple and he independently works with startup companies to help architect their products.

Anneke had the opportunity to interview Eric for our readers. Here are some great insights into the role of a designer at big companies, how design will change because of all the data we are collecting, ethics, and much more.
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User Feedback on Facebook pages: 8 ways to optimize

Do you want to know how you can improve the UX of your Facebook page? Customizing your Facebook page is a challenge because a big part of the design is already there. The limited insights that Facebook offers into your page statistics provide little evidence on which to base your design decisions. That’s why we conducted a remote usability test of the Facebook pages of eight of the world’s most popular brands. Based on the results, we offer eight tips that can help improve the conversion of your Facebook page and get you more ‘Likes’.

Why does this page do well? We'll explain in a minute.
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Promote your test on Twitter & Facebook How-tos

Promote your test on Twitter & Facebook

Social networks can be an interesting place to recruit participants who are interested in your website, product or service, to participate in a short test.  Usabilla offers some simple ways to promote your tests on Facebook and Twitter by posting the URL of your test and a short message on these social networks. You can also use the Redirect URL in Usabilla to make it easy for your participants to invite other participants and trigger a small viral effect.


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