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The Happy Ending: Redeeming bad experiences

Experiences. We encounter them constantly throughout our daily ride through life. The commute to & from work; client meetings; dinner with friends. Each is an experience of its own – each with its own start and end point, each with its own journey. Afterwards, we reflect upon each activity – we understand what we liked and didn’t like – we understand how that experience left us feeling.

The peculiar thing about these experiences is that subsequent feeling isn’t always easy to break down. Exactly why did we enjoy dinner last night?
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UX, the foundation of the modern brand

We’re living in heady times as UX designers. The industry is booming, demand higher than ever before. Every company – from globalised conglomerate, to budding start-up – wants (needs) a UX department. Those that aren’t investing in UX? They’re behind the times, they’re not up to scratch.

Why this sudden focus on an industry that for so long worked behind the scenes, almost anonymously? As the marketing landscape moves from the salesmanship of old, to a system better focused on customer loyalty and quality of service, ‘Experience’ has been pushed to the fore.
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Design for Conversion report – persuasion on the web in Cologne Theory

Design for Conversion report – persuasion on the web in Cologne

We had a long and very exciting day yesterday in Cologne. The 6th Design for Conversion was very well put together. The interesting and broad talks on the how and the why of persuasive design on the web gave enough ammunition to get our hands dirty in the real life case.

We met some nice people that we will definitely see again.

For now, we will leave you with some pictures below. Thanks all!

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