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The Usability ABC – part 5

Today I’ll complement our Usability ABC with five online marketing related terms. Even though the online marketeers among us are most certainly familiar with the terms, for those who aren’t these definitions might come in handy: SEO, traffic, Conversion rate, Weblog, Unique site visitor. Again, these items are added to our growing page of usability terms.

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The Power Of Colors On The Web

Colors are powerful. No doubt that everyone who ever put a little thought in the subject has figured this out. However, I’m not talking about how red stands for energy and green has rather calming effects. There is quite some literature on the meaning of colors and for those who want to catch up on that I recommend the eBook A Guide to Color Symbolism by Jill Morton.

Instead I want to focus on the ‘why’, the ‘when’, and the ‘how’: Why do colors influence people? When do colors influence people? And how can we use the power of colors for our own purpose?

Figure 1 - Visible electromagnetic radiation between violet (380 nm) and red (760 nm)

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A user test on decoy pricing: steer decisions and increase conversion

Do subjects like human behavior, mental models and cognitive science give you a kick? It does so to us at Usabilla, so we try to share some of the exciting stories we read in posts about Piaget’s theory or the Vampire Effect. Today we’d like to write about the decoy effect, an effect we saw described for the first time in one of our favourite books Predictably Irrational: The hidden forces that shape our decisions, written by Dan Ariely. The effect can shortly be described as follows:

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Design for Conversion report – persuasion on the web in Cologne Theory

Design for Conversion report – persuasion on the web in Cologne

We had a long and very exciting day yesterday in Cologne. The 6th Design for Conversion was very well put together. The interesting and broad talks on the how and the why of persuasive design on the web gave enough ammunition to get our hands dirty in the real life case.

We met some nice people that we will definitely see again.

For now, we will leave you with some pictures below. Thanks all!

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