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Popular Methods for Online Storytelling

This article was originally, and in full length, published on Six Revisions. Please visit the original source for the entire text, including many more visual examples.

The act of storytelling is present in every culture. Storytelling, when done well, can move people to take action.

The way we tell stories has evolved drastically over time. We constantly find new methods for preserving and sharing our stories: From drawings on cave walls, verbal recounting passed down from generation to generation and songs to more modern ways like newspapers, books, audio and video recordings.
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Getting Your Design Priorities Right (With Focus On The User)

The web of 2013 is complex and ever-growing. In January, there were already 13.81 billion indexed web pages worldwide. That makes 13,810,000,000 web pages — which is a lot. But not only the number of websites has skyrocketed, they have also become a lot more complex. New technologies allow for new trends. New trends result in new standards. New standards create rising expectations among users.
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7 Content Foundations For Web Designers

Web design is much more than just the appearance of a website. It also includes other aspects, such as the choice of content, your tone of voice, or how much fun users have on your site. In other words, the content of a website influences how we perceive the design. That’s why I consider these rather practical aspects content premises in web design. If you can’t convince people with your content, you will have a hard time to do so with your design. I put together a selection of seven tips that will help you build a solid foundation for your design.

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Craft better content with 3 simple communication models Theory

Craft better content with 3 simple communication models

What do you know about communication? Let’s take a closer look at this topic and find out how communication models can be helpful when it comes to web content. Communication models help you understand the basic rules of communication. Based on this understanding you can analyze different forms of communication and improve your content. We will briefly introduce three interesting communication models and try to put them in line with good web content.

Figure 1 - One of the three communicational models

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