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/ by Jurian Baas

Announcing Usabilla Discover

Every designer we know has a scattered selection of images, Evernote clippings, or bookmarks of inspirational design elements. We think collecting and curating UI elements on webpages can be much better and easier. That’s why we are happy to announce

/ by Paul Veugen

We need your feedback

Last week we launched Usabilla in private beta and we’re very happy with all the attention and useful feedback we received the past days. At this moment we can only invite a limited number of users to our beta. But

/ by Paul Veugen

Dutch startup Usabilla brings visual feedback

Press release Dutch startup Usabilla brings visual feedback The Dutch internet startup Usabilla makes online usability testing fast and simple with visual feedback. Unlike the existing tools for feedback, participants are not bothered with extensive questionnaires but share their opinion

/ by Paul Veugen

First testcase: The Next Web 2009

The past months we’ve been working on a prototype for our online usability testsuite. The enthousiasm and efforts of our team are beginning to pay off. We’re making big progress on the both the backend and frontend. Last week we

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