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The Vampire Effect: Sucking attention away from content Demo UX Cases

The Vampire Effect: Sucking attention away from content

Senior drama critic at The New Yorker John Lahr once exclaimed:

“Society drives people crazy with lust and calls it advertising”

Does this craziness translate into sales? Can sexual stimuli interfere with the effectiveness of an ad? After all, most of us like to look at sexy models in sexy lingerie, don’t we? Let me show you how a remote test can shed light on these questions.

Lavazza's titillating ad

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Mashable redesign: What draws attention? Demo UX Cases

Mashable redesign: What draws attention?

Mashable made a fresh start of the new year by launching a redesign. The intention of this new design was to put more focus on the stories, removing clutter, and dividing the content into sections (Home, Social MediaMobile, Web Video, Entertainment, Business, Tech, and Jobs). In the past week more than 150 people commented on the blog post about the new design. Most reactions on Mashable seem to be positive about the new look and feel: ‘Fresh & clean’, ‘I like the sections’, ‘More professional’, and ‘Clean and Simple’. What are the most important changes in this design iteration and what can we learn from feedback? We asked 60 social-media-savy participants for feedback.

Mashable: What draws attention?

Mashable: What draws attention?

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