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Usability definitions: collaboration with UsabilityGeek Announcements

Usability definitions: collaboration with UsabilityGeek

Usability Geek LogoFor the last few months, we regularly added definitions to our Usability ABC. We are proud to say that we will double our efforts by teaming up with Justin Mifsud of UsabilityGeek fame. By regularly adding and refining definitions to the list, we think this resource can be of help to anyone interested in usability and UX.

Remember to revisit the ABC from time to time (be it on our blog or UsabilityGeek) and be sure to recommend it to colleagues, friends and others that can be helped with the terminology of UX.

Screen shot 2012-06-27 at 3.45.33 PM Theory

The Usability ABC – part 3

This week I’d like to continue our Usability ABC with some even more basic terms. Those of you who are familiar with the Internet will know them, others maybe not. But even for the keen ones, it might be useful to recall the basic definitions of the following terms: Website, Web page, Homepage, Header, and Footer. As always, these items are added to our growing page of usability terms.

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