Small design enhancements for test details

Small design enhancements for test details

on / by Paul Veugen

We’ve just released some minor enhancements for the test details page, to solve some important usability issues. These small improvements include extra feedback on the status of your test, disabled buttons instead of disappeared buttons, and some improved styling.

Fixed issue: ‘Disappearing’ actions were very confusing

We do no longer hide the ‘Activate’, ‘Preview’, and ‘Analyze’ buttons when these functions are not (yet) available. You can’t start a test that doesn’t contain at least one page and one task. We’ve used disabled styles, a tooltip, and a additional message to explain why the ‘Activate’ and ‘Preview’ buttons are disabled. Showing the most important actions, regardless the state of a test, should also help to create a more complete picture of the entire testing process from the start.

Improved buttons - Inactive / Disabled

Fixed issue: Ordering tasks was a ‘hidden feature’

In one of our recent releases we’ve added drag-and-drop functionality to change the order of tasks. You can simply drag and drop tasks to order them any way you like. Many users did not notice this feature. We hope we’ve solved this issue by simply adding a small icon.

Drag-Drop Tasks

Aesthetics: finetuning

We’ve made an enormous amount of small visual changes. We hope all these small changes together improve the look and feel of our application. We’re also working on user experience improvements for the front-end. We hope to be able to launch these changes in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

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