Remote usability: a comparison of online services

Remote usability: a comparison of online services

on / by Paul Veugen

The following table shows a selection of currently available webtools for remote usability testing and their features. Most of these services offer ways to analyze the behaviour of users. Usabilla provides valuable insights by collecting (visual) feedback.

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Paul Veugen

Founder / CEO @ Usabilla User Experience designer, entrepreneur and metrics junky.

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  • Thanks for the table.

    What do you mean by “Qualitative / quantitative”?

    I don’t get “Qualitative” in this context.

    Where I work we user crazyegg, what should make us switch to a “qualitative” solution?

    Thank you for explaining me :)

  • John

    What about UserZoom and Webeffective?

  • @Kaelig
    Quantitative: Focus on statistics and user behaviour. CrazyEgg for example shows you insights in the behaviour of your visitors (How do they visit your site). Qualitative methods focus on gaining insights in the attitude of your users (Why do they visit your site and what do they think about your site?).

    Gaining insights in the ‘Why’ can help you to make decisions on improving designs or gives direction in an early stage when you design new solutions.

    Didn’t know about those two. Do you have experience with both services?

  • Cool chart but you guys really gotta put “static” versus “functional” on what you can test. That’s the biggest difference *right now* for Usabilla, and it’s the hardest for us to explain to people… Then this chart would be more fair, and we could totally use it.

    • Good point. It’s an oldie.
      Will update this chart in the near future. We’re working on some new stuff that will shuffle the chart a bit more (functional, live feedback).

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