New: Targeted Online Research With Usabilla Live Campaigns
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New: Targeted Online Research With Usabilla Live Campaigns

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Last summer, we introduced our latest product Usabilla Live – a tool that allows you to gather real-time user feedback on your live website. We are excited to see that the tool has been met with enthusiasm by marketers, designers, usability & UX practitioners. We were able to overcome the common challenges of remote user research with live, visual, and most of all qualitative user feedback.

Now, it’s time for the next big step. Context-sensitive live feedback is great. It also inspired us to look into new ways to gather even more specific and targeted user feedback. After listening to the ideas and wishes of our customers, and countless hours of conceptual work, wireframing, and programming, we are happy to announce the release of an awesome new feature: Usabilla Live Campaigns.

Not all visitors are equal. And not all visitors are equally important when conducting research on your site — be it usability, or market related research. The new campaign feature allows you to target your site visitors based on different criteria and conduct in-depth user research. Ask the right visitors for feedback, while they are in the natural environment of their home or office, browsing your site on their own agenda.

Let’s take a look at the different campaigns and how they can best help you gain even better insights into what drives your visitors.

Usabilla Live campaigns

Usabilla Live campaigns are qualitative tools that enable our customers — marketers, designers, usability & UX practitioners — to get high quality and targeted feedback on their live website. There are three different kind of campaigns that serve a different purpose each.

Note: For those of you, who are already familiar with the tool, Campaigns have replaced the initial “Trigger” Section. Triggers, such as the shake- and wobble effect of the Live Feedback button, are now available as advanced feature in the “Setup” section. The Slide-out message has been converted into a campaign.

Campaign #1: Run surveys directly on your site

Run surveys directly on your live website and gather valuable insights into what drives your visitors. Inviting people to participate in your survey, while they are browsing your website has a major advantage compared to sending out emails to random customers. Context-sensitive surveys increase chances that people are motivated to share their thoughts and feelings with you. That is because they have come to your site voluntarily and with a certain goal in mind, which means they are much more involved with you brand, or products than when they are not on your site.

There are two different kinds of surveys that you can run on your site. (1) Full surveys in form of an in-page pop-up, or (2) quick slide-out surveys that appear in your slide-out message.

1. Full Survey

Perform in-depth research with visitors directly on your live website.

With this campaign, you can create custom surveys and perform in-depth research on your website. Create a custom survey with our simple drag&drop form builder and ask your visitors anything you want to know. Find out what your visitors think and feel while browsing your site. For example, exit surveys can help you understand why visitors leave your site.

2. Slide-out Survey

Gather valuable information about your visitors in only a few seconds.

With this campaign, you can add quick surveys to your slide-out message. Gather valuable information about your visitors in only a few seconds. Slide-out surveys are an effective, yet subtle way to invite your visitors to answer one or two quick questions. Find out how people found your site, if they visit regularly, or if they found what they were looking for.

Custom form builder

Create your own survey in no time with our custom form builder.

Our custom form builder allows you to create your own survey in no time. Simply select the form elements on the left to include them in your survey. You can then edit form labels, default text, and selection options by clicking on the specific form element. Use the “Preview” link to see how your form looks like.

Campaign #2: Recruit participants for an external survey

Use a personal slide-out message to address your visitors directly and and in your own tone of voice.

With this campaign you can easily recruit participants for an external survey on your live website. Visitors to your site are already involved with your brand of product, which makes them the perfect participants for your market research or usability study. There is not only a high engagement, which acts as motivator for people to participate in your survey, but you also get easy access to real users of your site.

Use a personal slide-out message to address your visitors directly and and in your own tone of voice. Invite them to participate in your survey and redirect them to any external link. For example, you can redirect your visitors to a visual Usabilla Survey and find out what they think of your planned site redesign.

Campaign #3: Boost Live feedback responses

Ask visitors for feedback and get significantly more feedback responses.

Last but not least, there is the Boost Live Feedback campaign. This was originally the Slide-out message Trigger. We moved it to the “Campaign” section and added advanced targeting features. With this targeted slide-out campaign, you can now ask your visitors directly for feedback about a specific element, or page, and boost your Live Feedback responses. Clients that have already implemented the slide-out message, confirm that a personal message in their own tone of voice appeals to visitors and motivates them to leave significantly more feedback.

Target your campaign

Target all visitors with your campaign, or only a certain group of interest.

Who do you want to target with your campaign? The great thing about Usabilla Live campaigns is that you can select very specific groups of visitors that you would like to target. You can invite all visitors of your site to participate in your survey, or invite only those visitors that match certain criteria.

For example, you can target only visitors that visit your site for the first time, visit a certain page, or stay on that page for a certain time. You can select single targeting options, or combine multiple once for even more specific groups of visitors.

Your thoughts matter

We believe that conversation is key to happy customers and we would love to hear your thoughts on our new Usabilla Live campaign feature. Would you use it to stay in touch with your visitors? Do you have questions, or suggestions? Let us know what you think!

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