Monday Usability Tweet Scoop – week #45
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Monday Usability Tweet Scoop – week #45

on / by Jurian Baas

Bret Victor is someone who intends to “invent software-based tools that enable people to understand and create in unprecedentedly powerful ways”. We are big fans and think you can learn a lot from him. Have a look at these two articles we tweeted out this week:

Both Smashing Magazine and UX Magazine are great resources for us. This week we tweeted a link to these two articles:

We also linked to this talk from Whitney Hess about the philosophy of design on the excellent Johnny Holland TV. The sound quality isn’t the best, but don’t let that make you skip this talk, it’s very good. Whitney will also be a speaker at User Research Friday, which you can attend in San Francisco, New York, or in our office (that one is free if you register at the site).

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