Usabilla now supports mobile usability testing

Usabilla now supports mobile usability testing

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We are happy to announce that Usabilla now works on mobile devices. Setup a test with screenshots of your app or mobile site and let users participate by using their smartphones or tablets: it’s all possible now, and it works like a charm. Sign in or get started with a free account and setup a mobile test right away, or read on for the details.

Participating in a test on a mobile device

Every Usabilla test that is opened on an iOS or Android device will feature the mobile interface, which does not differ that much from the desktop experience. It is fast, snappy and intuitive.

The introduction of an Usabilla test on a mobile device

Users can scroll through the image and tap anywhere to leave a point and type up a note. The ‘Next’ button now floats at the bottom right to avoid clutter in the task area, and users will find a zoom icon at the bottom left.

Task example


We also made a screencast for your viewing pleasure:


Creating a mobile test

Creating a mobile test is just as easy as creating a regular Usabilla test. You can either upload a screenshot that was made on a mobile device, or provide the URL of a site that has a mobile version. Specify whether you want the screenshot to be generated as viewed on a mobile phone or tablet, and you’re set.

Feedback is welcome, as always

We hope you are just as excited as we are—we think this adds a great deal of context to testing mobile apps and websites. Feedback and questions are very welcome, we will be happy to answer them.

Good luck with mobile testing!

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