Mashable: “5 Essential Web Apps for the Lean Small Business”
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Mashable: “5 Essential Web Apps for the Lean Small Business”

on / by Paul Veugen

Donna Wells, CEO of, named Usabilla as one of five essential web applications for Small Business in an interesting article on Mashable. The user focused online training startup Mindflash uses Usabilla to collect online feedback from their users. Mindflash recruits participants with Ethnio:

“Ethnio allows us to grab and vet potential candidates through website pop-ups. Usabilla then pulls the best candidates from the Ethnio session to work through questions, product concepts and sends feedback and analysis to the business.”

“Set up properly, this nifty duo works almost entirely hands-off, allowing the site to motor along while continually mining data. And it keeps our top research and product talent focused on interpreting the results – not collecting them.”

Google Chrome

Mindflash reinvented itself with a little external help from Adaptive Path. Paula Wellings (Adaptive Path) and Cameron Gray (Mindflash) shared insights about their journey to become more customer focused at UX Week 2010. A video of their presentation about ‘Pizzability’ (who can spot the Usabilla screenshot?):

UX Week 2010 | Paula Wellings & Cameron Gray | Turning a Developer-driven Organization into a UX Company from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

We’re happy to facilitate the dialogue between Mindflash and their customers and are proud to be mentioned by their CEO, Donna Wells, as one of the most essential web apps.

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