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Lovely Discoveries #23

Appealing, harmonic colors. Very simple, but powerful visual. Calming and attractive.

Great interactive visual. When hovering over the pictures, they follow your mouse and make the image alive.

Very beautiful header. Clever and engaging scrolling effects on the entire page. Very professional looking and fun.

Very simple, but beautiful and engaging navigation menu. The site is minimalistic, but still far from boring.

Very nice menu. Simple, but animated and very clear.

Very bold, but simple and clear header design. Great use of type, nice fresh color.

Great, characteristic visual. Hand-drawn style is very personal and fun.

Very creative combination of arts and tech. Beautiful sketches, very engaging and entertaining.

Beautiful landing page. Consistent style, very calming colors, simple design.

Have a better look at these discoveries on the Lovely Discoveries List #23 on Usabilla Discover. Request an invite if you are interested in building your own library of design elements with rating and sharing options.

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