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Lovely Discoveries #20

Haha, this is definitely worth a smile. :) Make everything ok with one click of a button!

Really nice how one style is used for all elements on the site. I just love the cappuccino social media buttons.

vVery clear and clean product comparison. Great simple design, looks very trustworthy.

Beautiful visual. Very clear and meaningful. Nice metaphor for a multiplatform agency.

Very smooth and simple animation. Just enough to grab attention, but not annoying. Trustworthy and professional looking.

Clean page and very nice illustration. Appealing and makes curious to learn more about the service.

Very funny 404 error page.

Very nice logo sketch. Appealing and meaningful header.

Great interaction. Very personal and likable team page. Feels like there is a mediate connection with the team.

Have a better look at these discoveries on the Lovely Discoveries List #20 on Usabilla Discover. Request an invite if you are interested in building a library of design elements with rating and sharing options.

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