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Lovely Discoveries #19

Very nice and clear way to display different categories. Well chosen icons.

Very nice highlight of details. This looks beautiful and at the same time it becomes clear instantly what this is about.

very nice 404 error page. The user is triggered to watch the video in order to understand the comments on the page. The funny video lets you forget your frustration because the link you clicked didn't bring to to your expected infos.

Beautiful and interactive visual/ menu. Very engaging and fun to explore.

Simple but funny and very likable 404 error page.

Very appealing visual, beautiful how the background moves and changes the overall look.

Great style. Crunchy but still neat and very clear. Nice color scheme.

Personal and very likable team page. It's important to get the idea that the people behind a site are real and trustworthy.

Beautiful typo and very clean design. Love the style.

Have a better look at these discoveries on the Lovely Discoveries List #19 on Usabilla Discover. Request an invite if you are interested in building a library of design elements with rating and sharing options.

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