Lovely Discoveries #11

Lovely Discoveries #11

/ by Sabina Idler

Great vintage look. Love it!

Very nice visual. Colorful and a lot of details to discover.

Great visualization. It becomes clear immediately what it's about.

Super simple and very clear icons.

Nice way to tell users that something went wrong.

Very clear, but special header

Very harmonic, clear, and creative.

Beautiful and very personal contact form.

great icons, very detailed, pretty and personal

Have a better look at these discoveries on the Lovely Discoveries List #11 on Usabilla Discover. Request an invite if you are interested in building a library of design elements with rating and sharing options.

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Sabina Idler

Sabina is community manager, technical writer & UXer @ Usabilla. She is interested in Usability, User Experience, Design, and everything that makes the Web a better place. Follow Sabina on Twitter.

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