Interview With Steve Krug, Author Of Two Best-Selling Books On Usability
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Interview With Steve Krug, Author Of Two Best-Selling Books On Usability

on / by Tomer Sharon

Steve Krug is known for authoring two best-selling books about usability: Don’t Make Me Think and Rocket Surgery Made Easy. Steve and I met at the Design and Usability Center at Bentley University in Waltham, MA, USA, and talked about why it is so hard for people to sponsor UX research. An interesting part was when we talked about writing usability testing reports and Steve shared his hate for writing (surprising, ha?) and his approach to reporting results to clients.

Editor’s note: Please adjust the volume for better sound quality.

Steve asked me what I learned since I wrote the book and I was happy to share one of the techniques that I learned to not write reports and still productively communicate results. We also talked about why clients do not implement research recommendations and what is Steve’s approach to that situation.

We finished our conversation with a discussion about how powerful usability testing is and whether engineering teams or startup founders should hire experts to run usability tests for them or do it on their own.

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Tomer Sharon

Tomer is a Senior User Experience Researcher at Google Search in New York City and author of the book, It's Our Research: Getting stakeholder buy-in for user experience research projects (2012). He founded and led UPA Israel and is a mentor at Google's Campus TLV, a program including UX learning, collaboration, and mentorship for Israeli startups. He speaks at conferences and professional events, is a published author of articles and papers, and a past editorial board member for UXPA’s UX Magazine. Tomer holds a master’s degree in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University. He is @tsharon on Twitter.

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  • Kenyon Congdon

    This video lacks watch-ability. That is, horrible lighting, atrocious camera angle, zero composition and unintelligible audio. Although I am interested in the content, I can’t sit through more than 10 seconds of this video.

  • Tomer Sharon

    Hi Kenyon,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I’d be the first person to admit I am not happy with the technical quality of this video. It is far removed from what I think is acceptable. I watched it at least 5 times contemplating whether or not to make it public. That said, I think the content is excellent and that if you use earphones while adjusting the volume, it is bearable. My hope is that most people feel the same way.

    One thing’s for sure, in future interviews, I will not settle for such standards.

    Thanks again,

  • It would be great to have a transcription of the interview…

  • It is possible to have a transcription of the interview?

    • We would actually like to add transcripts to all our UX videos. However, we haven’t yet found a good software. Can you recommend one? If possible for free?

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