Improving the flow
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Improving the flow

on / by Paul Veugen

Since the launch of our first release about one month ago we spend a lot of our time on killing bugs and fixing small glitches. Most bugfixes have been silently released in the past weeks. Fortunately we have been working on the development of some interesting new features, which will be launched in about two weeks. Expect a better flow in our backend, some small improvements to guide the participants of your test and a widget to easily promote your test on your website.

Some changes in the backend
We’ve created some new designs to guide our users a bit more in creating their tests. A test contains one or more pages, which contain one or more tasks (questions). To start collecting feedback a user has to create a test, select one or more pages and add tasks for each page.  When a user adds a new page, we will automatically add some sample tasks. In the current situation the relation between a test and its pages is not entirely clear. With this new design we hope to create an improved overview of your test and better illustrate the relationship between a test, the pages of a test and the tasks for each page.

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