Improved widget: customizable, lightweight and fast
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Improved widget: customizable, lightweight and fast

on / by Paul Veugen

We’ve just updated the standard widget you can use to promote your visual surveys. If you embed this widget (optional) on your website it will be visible in the bottom right corner and looks like this:

Usabilla - Widget demo

Read the rest of this entry to see a live example and learn how to customize this widget.

Embed a widget with a few lines of code

You can find the embed code for a widget in the ‘Invite participants’ dialog on the test details page:

Usabilla - Test details

Customize your widget

You can customize the embed code and use your own text labels to invite participants. We currently offer a standard version in English. If you want to translate the widget you can edit the title, description, button text, and label next to the button:

<script type="text/javascript">
	var uwc = {
		id: '6217967504cb2d6b8b56c4',
		title: 'What do you think of our website?',
		description: 'Participate in a short visual survey and help us to improve our website.',
		button: 'Give feedback',
		label: 'in just 3 minutes'
<script type="text/javascript" src="" /></script>

Usabilla - Widget demo-1

Scalable and fast!

The widget is about 2 kilobyte in size. We host it on Amazon S3 and serve it through Amazon’s CDN: the widget is cached at multiple locations around the globe to improve speed. This means that we can serve it to millions of users without any unnecessary load on our web servers.

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