IFAQ: Tjin Au Yeung, Front-end Developer
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IFAQ: Tjin Au Yeung, Front-end Developer

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Get to know the faces and spaces that make up Usabilla in our Spotlight series. Next up to face our roulette of Infrequently Asked Questions is Front-end Developer, Tjin. When he’s not making his ears happy with some hip-hop, he’s all about Ramen noodles and a plate of gyoza. Mmmm.

Name: Tjin Au Yeung
Position: Front-end Developer
Nationality: Dutch
Office location: Amsterdam

Which song best describes your role at Usabilla?
Daft Punk – Technologic

UI or UX
That’s like asking parents to choose between their two children — I love them both equally. But maybe UI just a tiny teeny bit more.

What would you call your own personally brewed beer brand?
I would call it a Tjindian Pale Ale, as a slogan I’d use the one from my favorite drink, Rivella — a little odd but very tasty. Maybe I’d shorten it to oddly tasty.

Tjindian Pale Ale oddly tasty

Favorite internet meme?
Asian dad because it’s so relatable :(.


What’s the last book you read?
The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. I highly recommended, especially if you’re into David Lynch movies.

Before Usabilla, what was the weirdest job you ever had?
It wasn’t weird, but it was traumatizing.  For one month I worked in a food truck at the World Expo Milan flipping burgers. I had to simultaneously handle three grills packed with burgers while a mob of hungry Italian customers were screaming for their burgers. After one month I was pretty much done with the burger game and I vowed to never flip a burger again.

Name one thing that’s on your bucket list
I really want to go to Iran and ride a dromedary.

What would be the title of your autobiography?
The One Who Went to Iran and Rode a Dromedary

Have you ever been on TV?
I played an extra in the movie the Kite Runner. At the end of the movie, in the airport scene, you see the back of my head for 5 milliseconds.

What song are you currently listening to?
Nicolas Jaar – Time for Us

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