Four tiny visual surveys to inspire you in two minutes
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Four tiny visual surveys to inspire you in two minutes

on / by Paul Veugen

How much do you really know about the people visiting your website? Take a look at these 30 second demo cases to get inspired on how you can use short Usabilla surveys to learn from your users and improve your website.

Demo: HTC

How long do users need to search for specific topics?


Open the HTC demo case

Demo: Barnes & Noble

What draws attention on your webpages?


Open the Barnes & Noble demo case

Demo: Mint

Which elements on your webpage help to gain trust?


Open the Mint demo case

Demo: PollDaddy

Where do your users expect to find information?


Open the PollDaddy demo case


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Paul Veugen

Founder / CEO @ Usabilla User Experience designer, entrepreneur and metrics junky.

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  • Awesome! They may be tiny but they inspire me to use Usabilla. :)

  • Thanks! Feel free to contact us if you need any help with a testcase.

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