First testcase: The Next Web 2009

First testcase: The Next Web 2009

on / by Paul Veugen

The past months we’ve been working on a prototype for our online usability testsuite. The enthousiasm and efforts of our team are beginning to pay off. We’re making big progress on the both the backend and frontend.

Last week we kicked off with a basic test of our frontend and asked users to give their feedback on the website of The Next Web 2009. With the help of some early beta subscribers we collected an interesting dataset, which can be used to optimize our analysis. We could still use some extra input from others, so if you’re curious and want to be one of the first to start your own simple usability test in the future: sign up for our beta.

Usabilla - Feedback for The Next Web 2009
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Paul Veugen

Founder / CEO @ Usabilla User Experience designer, entrepreneur and metrics junky.

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  • Livia Labate

    Good stuff! I just tried it out with the Next Web 09 project and it make me think of two things I’d like to see on usabilla as someone doing research: 1. no dead end (the final thank you note could lead people to another place or invite them to provide any additional feedback). 2. ability to comment on the markers.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      1. The dead end will be fixed in our upcoming release. Users will be redirected to the referring page.
      2. We will add ‘notes’ (post-its) to leave additional comments for each task.

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