Design for Conversion NYC – November 18th

Design for Conversion NYC – November 18th

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After three inspiring events in Holland and one in Germany, the team behind Design for Conversion will be organizing a New York City edition. The fifth edition of the Design for Conversion conference wil take place at Thursday, November 18th in the Galapagos Art Space (Brooklyn, NY). A good reason to visit New York and meet and interact with conversion experts from all over the world.

Design for Conversion

Experts from all over the world will gather in New York for the fifth Design for Conversion NYC Conference. The event has been created to bring together a diverse group of talented professionals and thought leaders. The goal is to share new research and high level professional insight and to invite participation in ground breaking discussions and hands‐on activities that will assist designers of technology, website developers, and marketing professionals in understanding changing trends in consumer behavior, the use of persuasive technology, and the convergence of these issues to influence consumer or societal action.

When: Thursday, November 18, 2010
Where: Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, New York

Who should attend?

Database marketers, e‐commerce managers, graphic designers, web developers, interaction designers, traditional and online marketers, information architects, copywriters, usability engineers, technology designers, and business intelligence experts. (We welcome anyone who is interested in contributing to the discussion and learning more about designing for conversion.)


The conference is presented in a format that includes presentations by leading international experts, as well as small group interaction and case studies for a hands‐on learning experience that will be both inspiring and educational. The interactive format ensures an open flow of information and communication. Participants will spend their day learning how consumers relate to technology and how that knowledge can be used to design for conversion.

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