Combine a Usabilla test with an external survey
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Combine a Usabilla test with an external survey

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Usabilla offers quick visual feedback, but in some cases you might want to collect additional feedback from your participants or just some demographic data by conducting a traditional survey. There are plenty of wonderful survey tools out there that make your life easier (e.g SurveyGizmo, Wufoo, Polldady), and now we’ve released a new feature that allows you to seamlessly combine a Usabilla test with one of these tools.>

To introduce the feature we’ve created a demo case. Lets assume that a university wants to know what its students think of the faculty’s homepage (universities love surveys!). So, they create a Usabilla test to get specific feedback on the homepage and a SurveyGizmo survey  to get more generic feedback including some demographics of the users.

How to combine the two surveys in one?

Option 1: Redirect users from Usabilla to SurveyGizmo

(1) Redirecting users to Surveygizmo and (2) adding the ID of the participants to the redirected URL.

By enabling the checkbox (step 2) Usabilla adds a variable ‘?ub_pid=#######’ to the redirect URL. This variable is the id of your participant, which can also be found in our data exports (‘subject’ in the XML, CSV, TXT files). If you want to see a preview just click on this link:

Option 2: Embed a survey on your thank-you page

Note: the iframe option is not available for free accounts.

If you don’t want to redirect your participants, you can integrate the survey you created in SurveyGizmo in the custom thank-you note in Usabilla. It’s dead simple, just follow the steps in SurveyGizmo:

Copy iframe from Surveygizmo.

Go back to your Usabilla test, and paste the code in the custom thank-you text.

Paste iframe to custom thank-you note in Usabilla.

Tadaaa! You have embedded SurveyGizmo in the thank-you text.

Embed survey in thank-you text

To see the results with the ‘?ub_pid=#######’ variable of your participants, you just have to follow the next steps in SurveyGizmo:

Export SurveyGizmo report in CSV/Excel
Include URL variables in report
Select URL variable: ub_pid
URL variable in an Excel report

Click here to see it in action in one of our demo surveys:

Option 3: Submitting form data to a Usabilla test

A third option is to submit a simple web form to a Usabilla test by storing the form input  together with the test data of your participant. You can read more about this in a former post:

Need help?

Feel free to contact us if you need any help  combining your Usabilla test with an external survey. We’d be happy to help you to set up a test, export your results, or combine Usabilla with other tools.

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