Collect Design Feedback in 31 Seconds
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Collect Design Feedback in 31 Seconds

on / by Jurian Baas

Getting high quality design feedback just got even faster and easier! We are happy to introduce the new version of Usabilla. The simplified design makes it even easier for you to decide on the right test. You can create tests faster, and you get a better overview of your running tests. Log in with your account to see the new design!

Get faster feedback - new backend


The dashboard gives you a clear overview of how your tests are doing. We designed the whole thing from the ground up, so everything is optimized for speed and ease of use. You can setup a test and create an account in only 31 seconds. Seriously, we are not kidding! Have a look:


With our new templates, your choice for the right test becomes even easier. These templates are based on our experience from own tests as well as from helping our users with setting up test cases (our users gathered 1.4 million feedback points last year!).

Choose what to test with templates


Apart from improving the user experience of Usabilla, we solidified our framework to support the many great features and improvements that we will bring in the future.

We are curious to hear what you think! Either log in, or try out Usabilla. Good luck with testing!

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