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How Beauty Brands Seduce You With Emotional Design

In order for you brand or product to be successful, you need to appeal to your target group. There are countless appeals you can use: fun, friendship, relaxation, luxury, beauty, or sex, to name only a few. As long as it’s reasonably linked to your brand, anything can be used to draw attention to your website. With clever use of appeals, you can draw your customers in and take charge of their will. I admit this sounds a little scary, but really it is rather helpful for everyone designing for the Web.

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How Good Is the UX of Mobile Newspaper Pages?

I believe that the user experience of mobile newspaper websites can be greatly improved. Armed with feedback from a small remote user test of the mobile pages of two big newspapers, I want to explain why I think these sites fail in some key area’s, and make some suggestions for improvement.

The USA Today and the Washington Post are both among the biggest newspapers in the United States. They differ in their tone of voice, but together they form a very rough average of the mobile newspaper sites available.

I’ll look at the user experience of these sites by discussing two use case scenario’s, and afterwards explain how these sites can be improved by less clutter, better typography, and a stronger visual hierarchy.

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The UX of 8 Leading Retail Sites Demo UX Cases

The UX of 8 Leading Retail Sites

It’s time to get some user feedback on these big retail sites we all use during the holiday season. Every year more people buy goods online. More than $18.7 billion has been spent online during November, representing a 15 percent increase over the same period in 2010. With the holiday shopping season upon us, we decided to test eight big online retailers in the lead up to Black Friday. Online retailers need to provide a pleasurable online customer experience by embracing the importance of usability and a good User Experience (UX). This gives us an opportunity to look at the similarities and differences of a large number of retail sites that all offer the same kind of service.
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Enrich your Usabilla feedback with Wufoo surveys

Do you want to power-up your Usabilla test results? You can easily do so by hooking up a Wufoo survey to your test. Set up a form in Wufoo and redirect users to the URL of your test. You can include their answers in the URL and store these with your Usabilla test results.

Let’s have a look at a brief example case to see how simple it is to exchange data between Wufoo and Usabilla.

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How the leading Dutch news network was improved with user feedback Demo UX Cases

How the leading Dutch news network was improved with user feedback, the biggest news network in the Netherlands, redesigned it’s website this year. The main objective of the redesign was to improve the overall user experience and retaining the clear presentation of content, which the website is known for. One specific goal was to direct more visitors from the homepage to the content that the news network offers on different topics. Annemarie Boon, usability specialist at Sanoma Media, used Usabilla in the process to achieve this goal. Thank you Annemarie, for being so kind to share your findings with us.

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User Feedback on Facebook pages: 8 ways to optimize

Do you want to know how you can improve the UX of your Facebook page? Customizing your Facebook page is a challenge because a big part of the design is already there. The limited insights that Facebook offers into your page statistics provide little evidence on which to base your design decisions. That’s why we conducted a remote usability test of the Facebook pages of eight of the world’s most popular brands. Based on the results, we offer eight tips that can help improve the conversion of your Facebook page and get you more ‘Likes’.

Why does this page do well? We'll explain in a minute.
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The UX of 8 leading banking websites Demo UX Cases

The UX of 8 leading banking websites

Every day millions of people deal with their personal finances on the Internet. Banks have to tie a lot of systems together to make this possible, and simultaneously ensure that other information is easily accessible. There are a lot of details for banks to cover on a website: information about mortgages, credit cards, locations, insurances, loans, and much more.

Results for one of the tasks in our report

Results for one of the tasks in our report

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A user test on decoy pricing: steer decisions and increase conversion

Do subjects like human behavior, mental models and cognitive science give you a kick? It does so to us at Usabilla, so we try to share some of the exciting stories we read in posts about Piaget’s theory or the Vampire Effect. Today we’d like to write about the decoy effect, an effect we saw described for the first time in one of our favourite books Predictably Irrational: The hidden forces that shape our decisions, written by Dan Ariely. The effect can shortly be described as follows:

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